Will Ronnie Mund and JD from the Howard Stern Show become Most Followed on Twitter?

June 12, 2011

Howard Stern

We have been noticing lately that Ronnie Mund and JD Harmeyer are blowing up on Twitter. Both of them have recently crossed the 100k mark for followers. Howard Stern the King of All Media is currently at 665,898 Twitter followers.

But what is most interesting about the stats is Ronnie Mund and JD are about to pass Baba Booey and Robin Quivers who are respectively the #2 and #3 most important elements of the show. How could this be? Is it because of their personalities? Is it because Ronnie has the Hot Chick of the Week every Monday? Is it because people want to see JD tweet “ya know” 7 times on Twitter. Is it because Ronnie is verified?

If we had to take a stab at it. We would say its engagement. Ronnie actually tweets back at fans more often and has come up with his own unique creative teaser the Howard Stern audience cares about which is hot girls.

He has us in anticipation every week on Monday’s for the next Hot Chick of the Week. This is something we care about. Maybe driving Howard Stern the media genius for the last thirty years every day has given Ronnie a step up on the other staff.

We aren’t sure but our bets are on Ronnie Mund, yes the limo driver and security for Howard Stern to be the 2nd most followed person of the Howard Stern on Twitter.

Here is the latest tally as of today June 12th, 2011. We will be watching the Twitter follower trend for the Howard Stern show and keep you updated. Now go follow Ronnie Mund @rmlimodriver69

Howard Stern TwitterRobin Quivers TwitterGary Dell'Abate TwitterRonnie Mund TwitterJD Harmeyer TwitterSal Governale TwitterBenjy Bronk TwitterJon Hein TwitterRalph Cirella TwitterJason Kaplan TwitterTim Sabean Twitter

And other honarable mentions are Fred Norris which we couldn’t be sure it really is him since most of the staff doesn’t follow him. The same goes for Will Murray. Also, Richard Christy promotes his Twitter page with his heavy metal band name and doesn’t have a personal Twitter account.

Fred Norris TwitterRichard Christy TwitterWill Murray Twitter


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