Denise Richards Feet

July 28, 2011

Hot Celebrities

We love when Denise Richards goes on the Howard Stern Show. We also love when she gets all naughty on Twitter and today she sent out a picture that all the feet and high heel lovers would love. We bet this is one of Rex Ryan‘s favorite pics.

Denise Richards Feet


2 Responses to “Denise Richards Feet”

  1. Alison Says:

    That’s Jenna Jameson’s feet. NOT Denise Richards. You guys even have a photo of Jenna (With the tattoo and all) IN those SAME heels in a hot green dress. ;-)

  2. theGM Says:

    Alison thanks for being Sherlock Holmes but if you looked at Denise Richard’s TwitPic account you will see Denise posted it 19 days ago

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