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December 5, 2012

Howard Stern

Time to get Ronnie Mund from the Howard Stern Show more Twitter followers then JD Harm.

We did a post back in June of 2011 when Ronnie Mund was ahead of the mumbling JD.

The one benefit of Twitter for JD Harm is you can’t tell he is mumbling any longer. However, the content of hot chicks every week that Ronnie Mund provides on Twitter needs to be rewarded.

We will be promoting and helping Ronnie the Limo Driver get more Twitter follows.

Currently, JD Harm is beating Ronnie and that shouldn’t be the case.

jd harmeyer twitter

ronnie mund twitter

Go follow Ronnie Mund on Twitter @rmlimodriver69 now and unfollow JD Harmeyer!

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