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Smoking Hot Playboy Playmate Alison Waite on the Artie Lange Show

September 20, 2013


The Artie Lange Show finally had a hot girl on their show in a long time. They use to have Maxim chicks that would stop by every Friday on their show and the “twins” Marie and Liz would be hot if they put on some make up and stopped looking so frumpy.

Check out these hot videos and pictures of Alison Waite a Playboy Playmate that we think needs to be Artie’s new co host. With Alison’s looks and cooking skills and Artie’s comedy and fat ass its a winning combo.

You can follow Alison Waite Twitter @AlyWaite

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Playmate Test






Alison Waite Sexy Photo Shoot

Miss May 2006 Alison Waite

Playmate Alison Waite Photo Shoot

Playboy’s Dear Playmate: Ask for a Threesome?

Playboy Playmate Alison Waite on Boomer and Carton

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Jackie Martling on the Artie Lange Show Talking About Howard Stern

March 3, 2013


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Artie Lange from the Howard Stern Show Now Has is Own Show, Nick DiPaolo Gone

January 11, 2013


Check out this tweet from the previously named “Nick and Artie Show” Twitter.

artie lange show

Rumors started flying when they didn’t return to the show January 7th as promised and said they would be back January 14th with “changes”. People on Twitter and artie lange¬†websites noticed that the name of the showed changed.

This is going to be interesting since Nick would steer the ship and Artie would just do his thing. Too bad this wasn’t in the end of their contract vs the beginning because maybe then we could get Artie Lange back on the Howard Stern Show he made it 10 times better.

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